Walkers enjoy the massive trees on Rooty Break Trail.    
Lunch at Bonang River picnic ground    
  A well earned rest on.... Clambering over the granite boulders at Goonmirk Rocks


DAY ONE -- Saturday 3/1/03
Bus from Ellery Creek Campground, Goongerah, to WARATAH LOOKOUT, a viewpoint over the southern edge of the Errinundra Plateau. Walk alongside a proposed rainforest coupe in the HENSLEIGH CREEK catchment and through the Special Protection Zone at the headwaters, containing rare old growth forest.

DAY TWO -- Sunday 4/1
Experience the cool temperate rainforest of DINGO CREEK , through two scheduled coupes of mixed forest endangered species habitat and briefly into a coupe completed nearly two years ago, which is currently in the courts over rainforest logging. Up ROOTY BREAK TRAIL, a very short walk of astonishing beauty which is one of the few accessible, protected bits of forest left on the plateau.

DAY THREE -- Monday 5/1
Walk down ROOTY BREAK TRAIL(see above) and across the tributaries of FIRST CREEK. The first half of the walk is in the Errinundra National Park; the second half in a coupe scheduled to be logged next year. Ancient Mountain Plum Pine and Sassafrass trees in cool temperate rainforest.

DAY FOUR -- Tuesday 6/1
Short walks along the route, including SASSAFRASS BASIN, remarkable rainforest in the tributaries to the West Errinundra River, BLOCKADE TRACK, a short loop walk maintained as tourism infrastructure by Parks Victoria, BRODRIBB FOREST WALK, another short loop walk, in the catchment of the Brodribb River , MT. MORRIS, a not very difficult climb to spectacular views ADA DIVIDE, a stand of enormous Mountain Ash, rare in East Gippsland.

DAY FIVE -- Wednesday 7/1
Walk through the southern border of Errinundra National Park, along the western border of the Heritage GOOLENGOOK river valley.

DAY SIX -- Thursday 8/1
Walk down into the GOOLENGOOK RIVER VALLEY, following an old blockading access track. Walk thru "Lorien," a remaining unlogged coupe on the border of the National Park, and along the Goolengook River. Warm temperate and cool temperate rainforest cross over, endangered speicies habitat.
CAMP AT: the site of the famous Goolengook Fort

DAY SEVEN -- Friday 9/1
Continue down the GOOLENGOOK RIVER to the one of the other planned, unlogged coupe in Goolengook, across the LITTLE GOOLENGOOK RIVER. CAMP AT: Bee Tree Track and Goolengook Road

DAY EIGHT -- Saturday 10/1
Bus from Bee Tree Track to Ellery Creek Campground, Goongerah. GECO 10th anniversary party that night down the road from the Campground.

Short Walks

To assist people wanting to join part, but not all, of the Errinundra Adventure Walks this summer, we would like to suggest the following segments of the trip:

One Day Trip: Day One (Waratah Lookout and Hensleigh Creek)
Two Day Trip: Day One to Two (Waratah Lookout, Hensleigh Creek, Dingo Creek, Rooty Break Trail)
Three Day Trip: Day One to Three (Waratah Lookout, Hensleigh Ck, Dingo Ck, Rooty Break Trail, First Creek)
Four Day Trip: Day Four to Eight (Goolengook)

If you come for these segments, we will be able to organize your transport back to your point of departure when you've finished. You're welcome to come for any part at all, if you can organize your own transport from end to end. Please call GECO if you have any questions.