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As part of the transition out of clearfell logging in Victoria, 1.8 million hectares of land previously allocated to VicForests will now be up for re-tenure. This process which would dictate what protections, uses and management would be applied to that country.

GECO is committed to restoring cultural stewardship rights as part of the transition, as well as advocating for tenure frameworks that prevent any future extraction. ‘A Forested Future’, written by GECO's Research & Submission group, is the beginning of our journey to understand what formally recognised Aboriginal Corporations are desiring at present, how National Parks speak to our enquiry, and how both of these approaches interface with the needs of non-formally recognised Traditional Owner groups to care for their Country.


    Authors include:

  • Tuffy Morwitzer (lead)
  • Jordan Brown
  • Dr Carlos Morreo
  • Eve Cash
  • Aeronwyn Schache
  • Dr Rachel Busbridge