Loggers leave Dingo Creek. Blockade over for now

This page last updated 12th May 2001

The logging machinery at Dingo Creek was locked-on to, until the crew and DNRE agreed to leave. The continous cloud and rain played a critical factor in their decision.

Logging has stopped for now at Dingo Creek, but Goolengook is still vulnerable to a bust. People are still needed to help defend East Gippsland's old-growth forest. With numerous people arrested, the urgent need is now for contributions to legal defence.
The forest has a lush rainforest understory, with identified stands of mixed forest throughout the coupe. This rich habitat is home to the endangered Powerful Owl and Sooty Owl, the whole suite of Gliders, a rich variety of birds and other old-growth dependent species. Shining Gums, 4m wide and 60m tall, over 250 years old stand over ancient Sassafras rainforest. Gliders shriek as they dive out of the canopy, wary being in Powerful Owl territory. Morning sunbeams feed the tree-ferns, a bird chorus begins, until the sound of chainsaws rips it all apart.
There are two National Biological Sites of Significance, each only 300m from the current logging site. The East Gippsland Management Plan notes the area as Special Management, to "protect the conservation values of the area and make maximum use of B+ logs". Neither of these aims have been met, with the forest being completely clearfelled, with only 1 tree every 50m left.
The blockade calls for the area to be properly surveyed and assessed, with a view to adding the area to the Errinundra National Park, to which it is adjacent

Breaches of both the East Gippsland Management Plana nd the forest Code of Practice have been documented in the coupe. On June 6th it will be argued in Court that this makes the logging operation unlawful. If proved, then protesters would have been correct in arresting the DNRE in the coupe, as they did the blockaders.
The conduct of DNRE has been shocking, with Forest managers strutting around ordering the Police to arrest people. "Get him out of here", the Wicked Wench of the WUP said.
When Sellers Rd was first blockaded in '93, it was a tree-sit blockade to stop the initial roading. The forest was then all undisturbed old-growth. In 94 & 95, the road was blockaded, including a 25m monopole, dragons and barrell lock-ons. Yandowne Creek catchment was still intact.
Now in 2001, Yandowne Ck catchment has been lost, but Dingo Ck is still mostly old-growth. After the current coupe, another two are planned in the immediate area.

Write to Minister Garbutt, or Head of Forestry, Ian Miles, both at 8 Nicholson St, East Melbourne. Tell them to get the machines out of the old-growth!

The blockade urgently needs:
preparation of legal defence
video camera and accessories
climbing ropes, D-clips, prussicks and any other gear
torches, spotlights and rechargeable batteries
Money for petrol, phone calls etc
people to hassle the DNRE & politicians

Click here for photos of Sellers Rd blockade, 2001

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