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october 2000



The Goolengook Blockade in East Gippsland, Victoria will be busted soon, possibly in the next few days.

Today, 25th October, the police, the NRE, Search and Rescue and the Special Intelligence Branch came out to take photographs of camp and the blockade structures. Giving the clear message that a bust is imminent.

Goolengook was close to protection, or so we thought. A proposal to add Goolengook to the Errinundra National Park was being considered by the Environment Policy Committee of the ALP, and narrowly defeated due to pressure by the Forestry Union and Timber Communities Australia.

Reliable sources have informed us that Goolengook will be logged in the next few weeks in an effort to stifle further debate on the issue. Once again, political processes have failed to protect this icon area, and the only thing left to do is blockade. Goolengook has been a sore point for years and now that the DNRE have been given the green light they will want to move quickly.

Keep up to date in case camp is busted by contacting GECO
Phone - 0351 540 156
check this website

Goolengook Needs You Now!

The blockade camp at Goolengook is on alert following this information and people are urgently needed to keep vigilant both in the forest and at GECO. If you have ever been to Goolengook and been affected by its magic now is the time to return. If you have never experienced this place, do not take it for granted, come to Goolengook before it is too late - it is crunch time.

Goolengook needs people in the cities to raise the profile once again. We need to give the message to the government that the public will not stand by and watch this precious forest be destroyed. People have been fighting for this area for over four years, and the fight is not over yet! Campaigners in the cities are integral - please take the time to do whatever you can. Contact Friends of the Earth, the Wilderness Society and university Environment Officers to get the ball rolling. Of course, GECO will be coordinating direct action from East Gippsland.

The ALP needs to hear your concerns about the imminent logging of Goolengook. If you can’t do anything else to help protect this forest, send a letter or an email to the Premier Steve Bracks or the Minister for Conservation Sherryl Garbutt. Their addresses are as follows:
The Hon. Steve Bracks, MLA
Premier of Victoria
1 Treasury Place
[email protected]
The Hon. Sherryl Garbutt
Minister for Conservation
8 Nicholson St.
[email protected]