Summer of Citizen Science and Forest Defence - Part 1

Join us this summer in Goongerah, East Gippsland for the Summer of Citizen Science and Forest Defence! This epic two week program will consist of workshops and educational activities on all manner of forest campaign related things! After three days of learning about citizen science, direct action and the campaign to protect East Gippsland's forests, together we'll embark on a two week program of rigorous forest surveys, direct action and smashing good times in defence of East Gippy's ancient forests!


Program -

Friday December 4th - Sunday December 6th

Workshops by campaigners, legal experts and ecologists:
Mammal spotlighting
Rainforest evolution and identification
Remote fauna cameras
Owl surveys
Ecology of the long-footed Potoroo
Greater Glider decline
Forest Carbon accounting
Threatened species, logging and the law
Tree Climbing
Non-Violent Direct Action - Strategy and tactics
Your legal rights as a forest activist
History of the East Gippsland forest campaign
Suing the government...and winning!

Rainforest walks
Old growth walks
Kuark forest walks

Monday December 7th - Friday December 18th

Non-Violent direct action - Stopping the chopping!
Forest surveys - fauna, flora and more!
Track building - creating a future for nature based tourism.
Forest carbon accounting - measuring carbon stocks in areas scheduled for logging.

Join us for the whole program or come for a week, a weekend or stay forever and help us protect East Gippsland's remaining ancient forests for good!

camping gear, torches, wet weather gear, sturdy footwear etc
The GECO communal kitchen will be set up with shared cooking gear, there will be some communal meals, but please bring food to contribute to the kitchen or cook for yourself. We always encourage people to be as self sufficient as possible.
Also small amounts of cash to donate are much appreciated to cover the costs of putting the camp on!

Goongerah is a remote environment, with no phone reception and shops. The closest shops are 70kms away so make sure you are prepared with plenty of food and fuel.

Our camps this year have been hugely popular, this one will be the biggest and best yet. There'll be entry level activities and more advanced activities for people who have attended camps already. There's something for everyone! 


December 04, 2015 at 6:00pm - December 18, 2015
Bonang rd Goongerah
Goongerah, Victoria 3888
Google map and directions
Ed Hill · · 0414199645
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Who's RSVPing

Mat Tee
Mairead Murphy
Sha Gaze
Ted Moulton
Sofia Sabbagh
Sam Hoff
Lily Aagren
Laura Kate Issell
Tannies T Cripps
Caroline Harding
Kitty Whisperer
Maushmi Powar
Gem Romuld
Claire Fensome
Alice Woodward
Kim Shimlaki
Ed Hill
Tuffy Morwitzer
Gillian Kay
Kell Wooster
Tria Manley
Tamara Cornthwaite
Audrey Ear-Beard
Daniel Lee
Nic Fitzgerald
Jane Frances
Loz Zaa
Brooke Zanco
El Gillespie
Cath Rouse

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