Goongerah Gathering

Celebrate & Defend Ancient Forests January 12th - 15th 2001

Community - Arts - Organics - Sustainable Living

Goongerah Gathering is a festival to be held in Goongerah, East Gippsland, 70 kilometres north of Orbost, between the Errinundra and the Snowy River National Parks.

Featuring: - Indigenous welcoming ceremony, music for all, workshops on a wide range of topics, art, performance, guided forest tours, and a food and craft market.

Tickets $25 concession, $30 Full Available from the gate and these outlets: FOE Fitzroy, Bairnsdale Wholefoods, Pickets Gift Shop Mallacoota, Wilderness Society Shop Sydney, 2XX Radio Canberra, Bega Con. Council, and GECO.

For more information -
Email - [email protected]
Telephone - 0351 540 156

east gippsland
summer campaign
2000 - 2001

This summer promises to be a big one. Our last East Gippsland strategy meeting had wide participation with representatives from the major city & student groups, as well as lots of Gippy based activists. There is a lot of enthusiasm and ideas for this summer campaign.

Following the success of the Goongerah Gathering in 1998, the Goongerah community have decided to hold another festival this year. The festival is a community initiative which hopes to showcase Goongerah and bring an economic boost to the area.

GECO hopes to inspire people to take a stand in relation to the deforestation of the area. To have intensive forest workshops, talk up the significance of the area from an ecological point of view, to promote the social potential of the area, and in company with local tour operators and biologists and ecologists, to allow people to get out into the bush and to experience the total magic of the area. Again we are looking to attract people from a broad section of society in order to build the political momentum for the protection of the area.

This campaign is an initiative of people from the East Gippsland region who are committed in the long term to building their lives and incomes from this area. In order to have a good regional based campaign we need the support of city campaigners to promote awareness of East Gippsland. We are inviting the participation of the peak and city based environmental groups, however we are requesting that the city based groups and the individuals who come to support us recognise that we hold a vision for this area.

The blockade at Goolengook continues and people are needed to maintain it. There is also lots of scouting to be done in preparation for this summer’s direct action. We will need plenty of volunteers prior to (and during) the festival. Everyone is more than welcome to join in on this summer campaign.