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From hand held footage shot by forest activists on the front line, to beautifully shot aerial cinematography, GECO's DIY and independent film making has played a crucial role in the East Gippsland campaign since the 1990s.

More recent films are listed at the top and older ones below.  

East Gippsland's Emerald Link - make a connection 

East Gippsland is home to the last unbroken forest wilderness area on mainland Australia that connects alpine forests to the rugged coastline. This short film details the immense environmental and tourism value of the this remarkable region and the Emerald Link proposal.


The Dark of night - Special Investigation into VicForests Greater Glider experiment - ABC News, July 29th

A government-owned logging company is conducting a controversial experiment expected to kill native animals that are already heading toward extinction, the ABC can reveal.


Protect the Basin Ck rainforest complex  (Environmental Media Foundation)

Near the Snowy River in East Gippsland lies the Basin Ck, Rainforest complex. The local community are trying to prevent logging in this spectacular area. This is their story told with spectacular aerial footage.


Citizen Science Saving Forests - 2017

Citizen scientists exposed and stopped 10 illegal logging operations in East Gippsland in 2016. The government owned logging agency 'VicForests' has been logging protected rainforest and habitat for threatened species in breach of Victorian laws.


No More Lawless Logging - RFA No Way- 2017

Since the late 1990s the logging industry in Victoria has been exempt from adhering to federal environment laws that protect our nationally threatened wildlife. Only native forest logging gets this special exemption known as a 'regional forest agreement' (RFA).


Saving Kuark - 2015

A beautifully shot four minute film about our citizen science program filmed on location at one of our citizen science camps


Support for East Gippsland's forests from David Attenborough - 2015

Indigo grew up in the forests of East Gippsland and volunteers with GECO. In 2015 she wrote to Sir David Attenborough telling him about East Gippsland's forests. She received the most excellent reply and message of support.


The Fight for Pikes Hill, Kuark Forest- 2016 (Environmental Media Foundation)

Pikes Hill in the Kuark forest is home to endangered species, some found nowhere else on earth. VicForests' logging operations are destroying critically important habitat.This clip tells the story of protests that occurred here in 2016 and the citizen science surveys that are documenting endangered species.


Protecting Greater Gliders of the Cottonwood range - 2016 (Environmental Media Foundation)

In August 2016, the state owned logging agency VicForests commenced logging in critical habitat for Greater Gliders in the Cottonwood range, East Gippsland. VicForests had failed to conduct a pre logging survey and implement legally required protections for the Greater Glider.

In a last ditch effort to protect the gliders, citizen scientists from Goongerah Environment Centre and Fauna and Flora Research Collective conducted their own citizen surveys.


Illegal rainforest logging at Hensleigh Ck rd - Errinundra plateau - 2015

GECO volunteers stumbled upon illegal rainforest logging on the Errinundra Plateau, at the iconic Hensleigh creek. The extent of the rainforest logging was measured and put in a report sent to the Environment Minister.


The Battle for Bonang River - 2008

This video shows the hard fought battle for the forests of Bonang River, on the Errinundra Plateau, East Gippsland Victoria. An area of mixed forest around Victoria's largest tree - discovered in 2005 by volunteer researchers - was protected as a result of this long running campaign. Stars of popular TV show Neighbours visited the Tree in 2006. You can also visit this tree, thanks to a boardwalk and walking track built in 2012.


December Direct Action - 2005

This video shows a week of direct action in East Gippsland, Victoria in 2005


The Goolengook Story "Goolengook bust" - 2002

This is part of "the Goolengook Story" a joint production by SKATV and GECO. It shows the bust of Australia's longest running forest blockade, Goolengook, in 2002. Edited & produced by Ntennis Davi & Fiona York


The Goolengook Story "Fortress Goolengook" - 2000

This is part of "the Goolengook Story" a joint production by SKATV and GECO. Following the violent midnight assault on blockaders at Goolengook, a fortress was built to offer protection and to stop logging. Filmed and edited by Peter Vaughan


The Goolengook Story "Thugs of the forest" - 2000

This is part of "the Goolengook Story" a joint production by SKATV and GECO. In 2000, 40 loggers attacked a small group of environmentalists in a midnight rampage. Filmed and edited by Peter Vaughan


The Goolengook Story "No Jurisdiction" - 2000

This is part of "the Goolengook Story" a joint production by SKATV and GECO. Local Aboriginal people from the Gunnai and Bidawal tribes were not consulted in the decision to log Goolengook. Filmed and edited by Ntennis Davi


The Goolengook Story "Woodstop" - 1999

This is part of "the Goolengook story" a joint production of SKATV and GECO. In 1999 Woodstop festival attracted people to Goolengook to stop logging. Disco Dozer was born! Edited by Ntennis Davi, filmed by Izzy Brown and others. 


The Goolengook Story "Napalm Death" -  1998

Government helicopters knowingly drop napalm on a forest coupe in Goolgengook, as part of a "regeneration" burn while forest protesters are in the area


The Goolengook Story "the story so far" - 1997

This is part of "the Goolengook Story" a joint production by SKATV and GECO. Edited by Jeff Riley for Access News in 1997 to capture the hectic early days of the bust of Goolengook forest blockade on World Environment Day. Camera by Ntennis Davi, Jeff Riley and John Flynn.


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