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GECO supports non-violent direct action in defence of these last remaining stands of forest.

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Camp Kuark - Threatned Species Survey Weekend. 6-9 March 2015 

Come and join us in Goongerah on the labour day long weekend March 6-9th for threatened species surveys, forest walks, workshops and spot lighting as we launch Camp Kuark - threatened species survey camp. 

The Kuark forest is one of the last places on earth where old growth “cross over” rainforest occurs, where warm and cool temperate rainforest blend together. The ancient forests of Kuark are crucial habitat for three threatened Owl species, the Sooty, Powerful and Masked owls.

The Kuark forest is currently subject to a Supreme court case in which Environment East Gippsland (EEG) are suing Vic Forests and the Victorian government for failing to re zone owl protection areas to replace what was lost in the 2014 fires. EEG are arguing that areas of habitat where owls have been detected should not be logged until rezoning of the owl protection areas. Currently there are 80 other stands of old growth forest with Owl detections, subject to the court case that Vic Forests has agreed not to log until the end of February 2015. GECO volunteers, using sound recorders and call play back mega phones have recorded many of the owl detections in the coupes currently subject to the court case.

All three Owls have been recorded in the Kuark area, Sooty, Powerful and just recently, Masked owl. GECO volunteers are continually monitoring logging operations and surveying proposed coupes for threatened species. Help is needed to carry out more surveys and data collection in the lead up to the Supreme court case.

Camp Kuark will serve as a base to conduct important survey work in the lead up to the Supreme court case and establish an on ground presence and permanent monitoring program before this area is due to be logged.

Join the Facebook event for more info and to stay up to date in the lead up this event. 

Friday night: Arrive Goongerah campground

Saturday morning: Meet and briefing at Goongerah Camp ground. Information session about Kuark and Owl habitat. 

Saturday afternoon: Depart Goongerah for Kuark forest.

Saturday evening: Spotlighting and Owl surveys in Kuark and nearby areas scheduled for logging.

Saturday night: Camp in Kuark forest.

Sunday: Guided walks in Kuark, botanical surveys, tree measuring, cray fish surveys

Sunday night: Owl surveys, glider surveys and spotlighting in Kuark and nearby areas.

Monday morning : "How you can help Kuark" workshop, more walks.

Please bring your own food, water containers, camping gear, torches and suitable bushwalking gear. Survey equipment will be provided by GECO.

Contact GECO for more info and directions at this link.

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Forest Blockades:
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Stony Creek

Wednesday 12 December 2013: Action Update

Forty people have stopped logging in East Gippsland.  There are two people up tripods blocking a road and one person on a treesit.  Stony Creek is endangered species habitat and logging has been halted there in the past. Click here for media release

Eden Chipmill protest targets Nippon

Tuesday 11 December 2013: Action Update

Forty people have stopped trucks from entering the Eden Chipmill.   Banners in Japanese explain that Australians do not want their forests woodchipped.
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Mt Jersey Actions:

Friday 15th march 2013: Action Update

Late last night after Search and Rescue had tied off the cables attaching the machines and police and DPI had left the coup, the loggers were settling in for the night with some heavy handed techniques to stop our wallabies from entering the area. Our possum took his opportunity to scamper down and our black wallabies, with on the spot fines totally over $2000, left the logging area of Mount jersey. All of our crew arrived home very tired, but safe. This is just the beginning, We will not stop the fight to save this precious area from being destroyed. We need your help. Technology including smart phones and UHF radios are needed as well as for all of you to spread the word of this devastation.

Thursday 14th march 2013: Action Update

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) arrived in the coup this afternoon. Our Black wallabies (ground support crew) scattered in the bush. Unfortunately, one wallaby has been caught and given a hefty $423 on the spot fine for being an unauthorised person entering a public safety zone. Search and Rescue arrived soon after and have tied off the cables from the tree sit. Machines have started working approx 75m from the tree. More arrests and fines are expected.

Thursday 14th march 2013: Action update

Our tree sitter awoke to a very grey misty morning, but thankfully a peaceful one. So far no signs of loggers or VicForests. The trees stand tall and safe today.

Wednesday 13th of March 2013: Action update

VicForests and loggers have left the area. Conservationists and the Tree sitter still hold a vigilant guard. So far no arrests, that's what we like!

Wednesday 13th of march 2013: Action update

VicForests have arrived at the Mount jersey logging coupe, our tree sitter is bracing themselves for a long hot day at the top of the forest canopy. Arrests are expected.

Wednesday 13th of March 2013: Action Update

Two log trucks have arrived this morning. Contractors are inspecting machines which are neatly tied with cables, rigged impressively high, up to our tree sitter. Remaining conservationists are waiting till the sun rises to measure the circumference of the trees that are still standing.