National Threatened Species Day Action


Community groups are using citizen science surveys to save important habitat for Victoria's faunal emblem the Leadbeater's Possum and Australia's largest gliding marsupial, the Greater Glider.

Volunteers have literally spent thousands of hours searching for protected species in habitat scheduled for logging and forced state owned logging agency out of some areas of legally protected habitat.

It shouldn't be up to volunteers and the community to police VicForests and make sure our precious wildlife is given the protection afforded to it under the law!

The Victorian government needs to stand up to VicForests and enforce the laws that protect these unique animals.

Join us at Treasury Gardens on National Threatened Species Day, for a creative and theatrical action calling on the state government to better protect threatened wildlife from VicForests logging operations.

We're planning to have a some fun and creatively highlight the hard work the community is putting in to save these species and the urgent need for the government to take action themselves!

Meet us in Treasury Gardens at 10am. There will be speakers, banners, costumes, creative props and a big loud message to take to government! We'll be finished by 12pm, but if your keen to stick around we'll be setting up a Threatened Species embassy in Treasury Gardens for the day to hand out information about the threats to our protected wildlife and have conversations with the public about what they can do to help.

September 07, 2016 at 10:00am - 12pm
Treasury Gardens
2-18 Spring St 3002
East Melbourne, Victoria 3002
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Ed Hill · · 0414199645
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