of Dingo Creek blockade, East Gippsland

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The biggest tree we found in the coupe - awesome!

This is prime glider habitat. In less than 1km, in less than 1 hour, I spotlit 10 different gliders

The dark marks are bites where gliders have drunk sap from this tree. Easily seen proof of habitat, but not marked for protection.

The intestines of a creature, found on the ground after logging began - proof of the impact

A grove of forest giants remaining in the coupe

The trees shown are a stand of Sassafras, in a linear rainforest formation. The dozer track in the forground is at zero, not the prescribed 40m

View from the treesit, which defended the Mixed Forest in the coupe

One of several top quality logs left laying in the clearfell. This one was about 1.2m diameter by 15m long - a perfet log. And industry is desperate for resource?

Locked on until the end, we blockaded through rain, snow and endless mud

When DNRE finally allowed the loggers to leave, we sighed with relief. Dingo Creek is safe until summer, when we may have to come back and do it all again

This pile of logs was left behind. Trashed for nothing.

With the blockade over. The legal campaign begins. If the logging is proved unlawful, we all get off. Part of the law says that the logging must be "environmentally sound, socially just and economically efficient". Does it look like that to you?
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