To the Premier of Victoria, The Hon Daniel Andrews MP,

As the leader of the Victorian government, I respectfully request that you do all in your power to bring a new approach to the management and appreciation of the forests of East Gippsland.

VicForests' business documents reveal up to $5.5 million of taxpayers' money is lost annually on logging in East Gippsland.

Logging is not only costing Victorians money and failing to produce a consistent profit but is destroying the unique natural values that make East Gippsland so special.

East Gippsland's forests are exceptionally rich in biodiversity, threatened species and rare rare rainforest types. These areas remain threatened by logging at a massive cost to the tax payer.

The ancient forests that still exist today are a nature-based tourism boom waiting to happen. Please act now to secure an exceptional future, for these exceptional forests by protecting them within new National Parks.

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