Survey Tool Kit

In this tool kit you can find all the files and information you need to monitor VicForests logging operations and survey for protected forest values such as endangered species and rainforest.


Firstly you need to know where the logging operations are. VicForests publish locations of proposed logging coupes in their "Timber Release Plan" (TRP)

If you have Google Earth or QGIS mapping software you can download the TRP Spatial data on VicForests website.

Load it into the software and see where logging is planned in the state.

If you don't have Google Earth or GIS software you can download PDF maps displaying proposed logging coupes in the various forest areas of East Gippsland.

Bendoc,     Cann River east,     Cann River west,     Orbost east,    

Orbost west,     Nowa Nowa south,     Nowa Nowa north  


How to survey for Threatened Species?

We've created an instructional fauna survey manual detailing survey techniques for Gliders, Owls and terrestrial mammals. The manual has everything you need to know about spotlighting, remote fauna cameras and call play backs for owls.

Download the manual here. 

Department of Environment "survey standards"

The Department of Environment Land Water and Planning has published a series of survey standards that contain useful information about habitat for protected species, survey techniques, survey timing and what is required as evidence when submitting reports of threatened species to DELWP.

Download survey standards for the following species here.


What species are given protection under what legislation?

Some flora and fauna species are afforded protection from logging when they are found on surveys. These are the species our citizen science program mostly targets. These species are the required protections for them are listed in the various legislative documents that can be accessed by clicking here


A lot of this data is publicly available on the VicForests website, however VicForests deliberately make their site very hard to navigate and bury this data so it's hard for the public to find. That's why we've put it all up here for you to download and play with!


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