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End logging's legal exemption - RFA NO WAY

For twenty years the native forest logging industry has been exempt from complying with Federal environment laws. The exemption is granted through the Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs).

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Kuark forest old growth about to be logged

FRCF022280_copy_2.jpgA road has been pushed into the ancient Kuark forest and logging could commence any day.

The forest is one of the most significant stands of old growth forest remaining in Victoria.

Logging has not yet started, so there's still time to stop it

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Report exposes Labor's lawless logging

To mark National Threatened Species day, we've teamed up with Friends of the Earth Melbourne to release a report documenting 27 unlawful native forest logging operations in protected threatened species habitat and rainforest. 

These logging operations have occurred under the Andrews Labor government.

Read the report here.


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Protect the Greater Glider from logging - Take action here!

 GG_branch_crop.jpgGovernment scientists have advised Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio to issue a conservation order to protect the Greater Glider from logging.

The Minister's department has urged her not to follow this advice.


Instead the department recommended discussions with the state logging agency for ‘voluntary action’.

Scientific advice and departmental documents were released to GECO under Freedom of Information.

Help W-Tree community save the Basin Creek rainforest complex

The W-Tree community near the Snowy river in East Gippsland, need your help to stop logging of the Basin Creek rainforest complex. This spectacular rainforest area is under threat from VicForests logging operations.

Click here to sign the petition to Victorian Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio  and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews calling on them to protect this stunning place from destructive clear fell logging.

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High density of Greater Gliders found in unlawful VicForests logging coupe


GECO has submitted a report to the state government this morning detailing a high density of Greater gliders within the controversial 'Abra Cadabra' logging coupe in the Cottonwood Range.

This coupe was set aside for conservation by the Victorian Government's Forest Industry Taskforce, but VicForests commenced logging anyway. Logging here is undermining confidence in the Taskforce process.

Logging in this coupe is impacting on protected species habitat in breach of logging industry regulations.

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Action needed to halt burning of rainforest area in Kuark forest

Yesterday a crime against nature was committed at Hensleigh ck rd on the Errinundra Plateau. The Victorian government burnt an area of rainforest that was illegally logged last year.

One year ago VicForests bulldozed ancient rainforest trees like Sassafras and Black olive berry, likely to be 1000 years old. Despite several investigations, an independent review, condemnation from Minister Lisa Neville MP and a commitment to bolster the logging rules. Nothing changed! Yesterday the Vic government burnt the damaged rainforest, completing the destructive operation and finally killing the 1000 year old trees they illegally bulldozed last year. A crime against nature.


It's the height of the logging burns season and VicForests and the Department of Environment are planning on burning the Larissa Lane rainforest area in the iconic Kuark forest.

We have to stop it!

Rainforest and rare and protected plants are at risk if the burn goes ahead.

You can take action by emailing Environment Minister Lisa Neville using the form below.


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Urgent Action Needed To Stop Native Forest Biomass!


In less than a week the federal Senate will decide whether to include native forest biomass burning in the Renewable Energy Target!

Please call, tweet and email the Senate cross benchers now!

We urgently need your help! In less than a week the Senate will consider legislation that proposes to include burning native forests for electricity (biomass) in the Renewable Energy Target (RET). The Federal government and the logging industry want the RET to include native forest biomass power as an eligible source of renewable energy. This would mean native forest biomass would qualify for Renewable Energy Certificates (REC'S) and compete directly with true sources of renewable energy like solar and wind.

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