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Forest protest halts logging for a second week!

For two weeks logging has been halted in a precious area of forests in Errinundra. For 11 days an East Gippsland local stayed up a tree-sit to stop machines from coming in, they were arrested a few days ago, along with another person occupying a tree-sit nearby. Since then protesters have blocked the road with a tri-pod structure. Despite the arrests protests are continuing in the area, where logging has been prevented from going ahead for the last 2 weeks.


A conservationist is now blocking the road stopping machines from entering the forest

Two days ago 6 police cars and search and rescue cops arrived on site to remove the tree-sitters. East Gippsland locals and supporters are protesting imminent logging in an important area of forest which survived the bushfires. Greater Gliders have been found in the forest, despite losing close to a third of their habitat in East Gippsland to the fires, and are set to be up listed from threatened to endangered in the next 12 months, logging is still scheduled where they are found.

The Glider Action Statement weakens existing outdated prescriptions in East Gippsland. Read the Glider detection report we submitted to the Department. GECO are yet to receive a response from the Department about whether they'll be putting in a logging-free zone to protect the Gliders.

Isaac who spent 11 days in the canopy stopping logging


Despite recommendations from the government that logging should stop, this area and many others providing critical habitat for threatened species are still set to get the chop. Logging has also started in fire-affected forests across East Gippsland and the north-East. Studies show post-fire logging is one of the most damaging forms of logging which can halt the recovery of forests for up to 200 years.

Logging has also been proven to increase the severity of bushfires. With the future risks of climate change and more mega-fires like what we saw over the summer, the importance of protecting forests has never been more urgent.

Ancient Errinundra Shining Gum found in the area scheduled for logging


A vigil camp is still in the area supporting the actions of the person in the tri-pod structure. Email [email protected] to get involved and find out more about how you can support. You can also donate to GECO so we can keep supporting the brave actions of folks taking a stand against this destruction.



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