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GECO turns 30 and we are having the party of the decade...

Holy shit. We get to turn 30 and celebrate the end of logging in Victoria at the same time... These moments are precious, and so we are throwing the party of the decade. 



It will be pure punk revelry... RSVP here. 

Want to help out? Volunteer! We need all skills. 


The Run-Down so far


Over the three days we'll have bands, DJ's, a bar, beautiful walks in the bush, a kids zone, kitchen, and a full display of GECO history via video and archival material.  

Got any images, videos, posters of your time with us? Pass them on! You can upload them here.


Image: GECO Easter camp 2022


Bands announced so far: 

  • The Bigots
  • The Bedridden 
  • Encerrio Crust
  • PALA
  • The Double Dole String Band
  • Izzy MC
  • James Brook
  • John Fraser
  • Billi Sinclair
  • Ruth Hanson
  • Elfian

And DJs:

  • Lady Guts + KeziPops
  • Phil Bastard
  • DJ Screama


  • Snatch & Glitter



Want to perform or know someone who might? Get in touch. 


We'll have special edition GECO 30th merchandise for sale and for screen printing. Decor will be epic, immersive and will give a hat tip to all those who've come through our blockades over the years. Know how to hammer a nail? Put ink on a screen? Your skills are invaluable.  


Don't forget to RSVP!


We'll update the event page in the coming months, but if you've RSVP'd you'll get updates. 

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