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Greater Gliders going down! Take action

UPDATE!!  - Thanks to our surveys and hundreds of emails and calls


The Department will now conduct 'verification' surveys. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for your support!

Twenty year long dodgy logging deals called "Regional Forest Agreements" exempt logging from national environment laws.

These dodgy deals expire in a few weeks time and could be rolled over for another two decades of doom for forest wildlife!

Take Action here! Call on state and federal governments to end the dodgy deals and give forest wildlife a fair go. Click here to email the Minister. 

In the Queensborough river forests of far East Gippsland protected habitat for the Greater Glider is being logged.

Community surveys reported a population of Greater Gliders in a logging coupe earlier this week triggering legal protection of the forest.

The Victorian Labor government are continuing to log where protected Gliders have been found. Locations where Greater Gliders were reported have now been logged.