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What species are given protection under what legislation?

Some flora and fauna species are afforded protection from logging when they are found on surveys. These are the species our citizen science program mostly targets.

These species are the required protections for them are listed in the

Planning Standards for Timber Harvesting Operations in Victoria's state forests 2014

Species that are afforded protection are listed in sections 4.2 - 4.6.

For protected species in East Gippsland refer to the sections titled "East Gippsland FMA" 


Other legislation:

There's a whole bunch of legislation and codes that the logging industry has to comply with. Other documents that GECO use to audit logging operations and report unlawful logging activity include:

The Code of Practice

The Management Standards and Procedures for Timber Harvesting Operations in Victoria's state forests 2014 (contains the legislative protections for rainforest on pages 38-40)  

The Act that requires compliance to the Code is the Sustainable Forest (Timber) Act, if the code of practice is breached or the any of the rules set out in the Management Standards or the Planning Standards it is a breach of the Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act and is therefore unlawful.