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VicForests logging experiment ‘very likely’ to kill threatened wildlife

The Victorian government’s logging agency VicForests is conducting a controversial experiment in East Gippsland that it says is ‘very likely’ to kill Greater Gliders, a forest species listed as vulnerable to extinction.

The experiment was revealed on ABC news last night and has angered environment groups who are calling on the Victorian government to protect Greater Glider habitat from logging.

“A logging experiment to kill threatened species is like hunting whales for scientific research, it’s abhorrent, it’s unethical and has no place in the 21st century,” said Goongerah Environment Centre spokesperson Ed Hill.

“Last year the government ignored its own scientific advice and has since allowed logging to continue in some of the highest quality habitat in the state. Now the government is allowing a cruel experiment to be conducted by its logging agency that will kill these rare and defenseless animals,” said Ed Hill. 

“Instead of listening to the science and acting to protect our threatened wildlife, the government is allowing their logging agency to call the shots, making up their own pseudo science to justify continued destruction of wildlife rich forests,” said Ed Hill. 

“VicForests has admitted their experiment will kill Greater Gliders. How many Greater Gliders have to die before the government act to protect their habitat,” said Ed Hill.

“Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio must put a stop to this cruel experiment. A government action statement required to be put in place over a year ago is well overdue. High quality habitat is being lost at a rapid rate because of government inaction.”

“Minister D’Ambrosio can be the champion this species needs, but she’s been missing in action. VicForests unethical conduct should prompt her to step in and protect the Greater Glider. Until VicForests are brought under control the Greater Glider will continue to race towards extinction as logging decimates high quality habitat.”

“We’re calling on the Andrews government to protect Greater Glider habitat in East Gippsland by creating the Emerald Link proposal.”

“The Emerald Link will create a continuous network of protected forests from the Australian Alps to the East Gippsland coast, safeguarding mainland Australia’s last intact alpine to coastal forest, a critical stronghold for old forest and threatened species.’ said Ed Hill.”

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