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Last of the large trees: a day at the Errinundra forest blockade - The Guardian - February 28

'Two years after 19 of the threatened Greater Gliders were recorded in remote forest, the area was listed for logging - ABC News - December 8


'The forest is now terribly silent': land set aside for threatened species entirely burnt out - The Guardian - March 22

Victoria's plans for logging in bushfire zones 'grossly irresponsible' - Sydney Morning Herald - April 1

Loggers return to native forests burnt in summer bushfires - The Age - April 30

Alarm raised over logging near 'Lazarus' frog - The Age - October 17

VicForests allowed to resume logging despite risk of ‘irreversible damage’ in fire-hit Gippsland - The Guardian - December 8

Dismay as VicForests allows logging of unburnt forest in East Gippsland for TAFE training - ABC - December 12



Labor stalls on action plan as greater glider slides towards extinction - The Age, July 1st

Damning logging report finds Victorian department neither 'effective nor respected', The Guardian, March 25th

Labor's 'sea to summit' hike trail being clearfelled before it's built - The Age, February 13th 



Logging of old growth forests should stop, Victorian environment department says - The Guardian, December 19th

Victorian election round up: Forests - The Guardian, November 22nd 

Questions over logging of Victorian state forests - ABC Australia wide program, November 22nd

Government owned logging company accused of illegally logging state forests- 7:30 ABC, November 21st

Australia's endangered forests are being stolen and sold in hardware and office stores - ABC News, November 21st

Possum protection zones could be chopped in coalition timber plan - The Age, November 18th

Victorian election round up: how logging policy could fell Labor - The Guardian, November 1st 

Vic logging review after prosecution fails - AAP, September 27th

Environment minister demands explanation after logging charges thrown out of court - ABC News, August 31st

Logging that kills gliders done so intensively it 'may have breached law' - ABC News, July 31st

Greater Glider at risk from Victoria logging - Sydney Morning Herald, July 30th 

The Dark of night - Special Investigation into VicForests Greater Glider experiment - ABC TV, July 29th

VicForests says experiment 'very likely' to kill threatened glider, continues research - ABC News, July 29 

Quoll-ity viewing: Rare native predator found in Victorian forest - The Age, May 12th 

A new start (story about our campaigner Dave and his move to Gippsland) - Gippslandia Magazine, April 20th

Greater Glider hotspot logged against Victorian government's own advice - The Guardian, April 10th

Kuark Forest and old growth trees to be protected as Victorian Government extends forest agreements - ABC news, March 27

Forestry agreements extended in Victoria but big trees get protection - Sydney Morning Herald, March 27th

Victoria calls on federal government to fund fresh reviews of forestry agreements - The Guardian, March 27th

Coalition accuses green groups of misleading public on forestry agreements- The Guardian, March 23rd

VicForests charged over alleged illegal logging in Gippsland forest - The Age, March 8th

VicForests charged over alleged illegal logging of rainforest near Cann River in East Gippsland - ABC news, March 9th

The forest wars: loggers v greenies in Victoria, NSW - The Australian, March 1st

Andrews government accused of 'impotent approach' to logging breaches - The Age, February 25th

Police get a lift as they try to remove high-rise logging protesters - The Age, January 31st


Saved! Victoria's Kuark Forest Has Been Spared... For Now - Huffington Post, November 1st

The Desperate Fight To Stop These 500-Year-Old Aussie Forest Giants Becoming Office Paper - Huffington Post, October 31st

Conservationists win court battle to stop clearing of old-growth Victorian forest - The Guardian, November 1st

'Extreme step' as conservationists halt Kuark forest old-growth logging in far east Gippsland - ABC News, November 1s

Supreme Court shuts down Andrews government plan to log untouched forest - The Age, November 1st

Logging of Victorian old-growth forest ‘cannot proceed’, lawyers say - The Guardian, October 26th 

Logging trucks on collision course with protesters over old-growth forest- The Age, October 31st

Northcote byelection: Greens tap into groundswell of support for forest protection - The Guardian, November 15th

Pressure on Andrews as Northcote voters back push for Great Forest National Park - The Age, October 25th

Endangered animals threatened by logging, environment groups allege - The Age, September 10th

Green jobs not timber - Green Left Weekly, July 7th

Mixed reaction to mill news - Gippsland Times, July 6th

Heyfield workers push for greater supply despite fears forests 'running out of wood' - The Guardian, July 4th

VicForests apologises for dead koala, continues logging threatened possum area - The Age, July 1st

Dead koala found in logging coupe reignites push for new protected national park - The Age, June 25th 

Scientists warn greater glider faces extinction and want it protected from logging - The Age, June 2nd 

Environmentalists who exposed logging have charges thrown out - The Age, February 26th

Battle lines drawn in new round of the 'forest wars' -ABC RN Breakfast, February 9th

East Gippsland Regional Forest Agreement given last-minute extension - ABC News, February 3rd


Logging suspended in Victoria's east after reported discovery of rare 'clumsy possums'- ABC News, January 28th

Environmentalists accuse state logger of forest survey conflict of interest - ABC News, AM program, February 17th

Greater glider discovery prompts call for change to pre-logging surveys - ABC News, February 17th

East Gippsland logging faces fresh court challenge over endangered species - The Age, February 18th
DELWP to investigate VicForests for logging protected rainforests - Wild Magazine, April 1

'Citizen scientists' force VicForests to halt logging - Green Left Weekly, May 5th

Call To End Special Treatment For The Logging Industry - New Matilda, May 19th   

Citizen scientists stepping up to save threatened species  - Living Now Magazine, May 27th

VicForests steals credit from conservation group - Wild Magazine, May 27th


Timber company to benefit as RET deal creates market for unsaleable timber, says VicForests analysis - ABC News, May 28th

Logging activists fined despite their surveys revealing flaws in the law - The Age, August 13th

Green Group That Exposed 'Disturbing' Forest Clearing Investigated By Victorian Government - New Matilda May 20th 

Goongerah green group fears VicForests illegally logging Errinundra Plateau rainforest in East Gippsland - ABC news, May 19th

Errinundra Plateau rainforest canopy needlessly destroyed in East Gippsland, Environment Dept report finds - ABC news, May 4th

Environmental group threatened with prosecution - Prime 7 news, May 20th

Green Group Who Exposed Dodgy Logging Deserving Of Prosecution, Says Minister - New Matilda May 27th  -

Victorian government threatens environment group honoured by UN - Green Left weekly, May 30th 

Rare ferns, rainforest species found in Victorian forest earmarked for logging, environment group says - ABC news, AM program July 20th

Victorian environment department to remove ambiguity from logging definitions after VicForests cleared of logging near Bendoc State Forest - ABC News, July 27th

Victorian Government Thanks Conservationists For Exposing "Disturbing" Logging Practices By Fining Them - New Matilda, August 10th