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Old Growth Forests Court Case Update

Great news! Logging was set to commence in old growth forest in the Goongerah Creek catchment this summer, but it has been given a temporary reprieve as it is now the subject of the Kuark forest old growth Supreme Court Case, brought by the Flora and Fauna Research Collective (FFRC).

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Here's the latest update from the FFRC website with about the case.


From the FFRC website

We don’t decide to go to Court lightly, but old growth forests that should be protected by law are planned for logging.

Earlier in November we and other environment groups worked hard to stop logging of old growth forest in Kuark.

  • 6900 people emailed environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio
  • Goongerah Environment Centre set up a peaceful protest on-site in the forest
  • We took legal action with the help of lawyers from Environmental Justice Australia.
  • We won an interim Supreme Court injunction that stopped logging in Kuark while the case proceeds!

The FFRC is arguing that the state government has failed to protect 60% of wet and damp old growth forest in East Gippsland, as the law requires them to, and until they do, further logging in old growth forest should not proceed.

Our dedicated volunteers have identified an additional 33 areas of old growth forest that are under threat from logging in East Gippsland. The case asks for Court orders prohibiting logging in these areas.

web_tiff_tree_P_IMG_2857_copy.jpgLogging was scheduled to commence in spectacular old growth forests off Yalmy Road in the Goongerah creek catchment this summer. This forest borders the Snowy River National Park and provides critically important habitat for wildlife and giant trees.

This area is now also subject of our Court case that will go ahead over the coming months, and has been given a reprieve for now.

If the legal action is successful we could secure permanent protection of our remaining old growth forests.

This is great news for Victoria’s old growth forests that make East Gippsland a truly remarkable and precious place.

Stay tuned for updates.

Please support the case and the huge efforts to save our old growth forests by making a tax deductible donation to the legal team here

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