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High density of Greater Gliders found in unlawful VicForests logging coupe


GECO has submitted a report to the state government this morning detailing a high density of Greater gliders within the controversial 'Abra Cadabra' logging coupe in the Cottonwood Range.

This coupe was set aside for conservation by the Victorian Government's Forest Industry Taskforce, but VicForests commenced logging anyway. Logging here is undermining confidence in the Taskforce process.

Logging in this coupe is impacting on protected species habitat in breach of logging industry regulations.

Web_CW_0011_south_IMG_7259_copy_2.jpgRead our survey report here.

Neither VicForests or DELWP have carried out a survey for protected wildlife in the forest being logged.

The law requires greater glider habitat to protected from logging when more than 10 greater gliders are found in 1km or more than 2 greater gliders per hectare of forest.

Our data on greater glider occupancy within this logging area triggers the requirement for a protection zone. But logging operations are continuing.


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