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Visit East Gippsland's ancient forests (that need your help)

Looking for a beautiful tourist destination when the regions open? Forget VisitVictoria's website and head straight to Victoria's logging agency, VicForests' site. You'll be sure to find maps with the best (and last) ancient forests in the state. There's a catch though... they're all scheduled for logging.

If you're an experienced bush-walker, nature lover, or are looking to witness some of the most significant trees and ancient rainforests in Victoria, this threatened rainforest walk on the Errinundra Plateau should be on your priority list.

This image doesn't do justice to the 40m tall, 12.5m circumference Cut-tail Ash in forests scheduled for logging

The Victorian Government also has a priority list, and it leads to extinction. In 2020, GECO volunteers found an ancient 12.5m circumference Cut-tail Ash tree (Eucalyptus fastigata), also known as Brown Barrel, in forests scheduled for logging in the Errinundra Plateau on Bidewell and Monero Country. This forest giant is listed on the Significant Tree Register of the National Trust.

But the Andrews Government is planning to log this ancient forest as early as December 2021.

Look out for this sign on Sellers Road at the start of the track

Jan, who submitted the report, said that "although this particular tree won't be cut down by VicForests - as it is over the 7.85m giant tree retention limit, giant trees in logging coupes don't generally have good outcomes. This tree is in a forest of stunning and rare mixed old-growth with an amazing rainforest gully."

GECO volunteers have marked a track with pink tape to the big tree, which navigates through this beautiful rainforest gully and stands of remnant forests that have evolved for millions of years. We've been fighting to protect forests like this one for almost thirty years using direct action. By witnessing this forest and spreading the word of how important it is to protect, you'll take part in helping to protect it.

Here's your chance to witness this forest before the bulldozers try to move in. But don't worry, we will be there trying to stop them. Join us to take action.

Download this map of the walk for reference and click here to get directions to the Rainforest track from Orbost, Victoria.


As they say, no reward comes without risk. This walk is for experienced bushwalkers only. It's not the one to bring your nanna for a picnic. This is in a remote area with limited phone coverage. It is highly recommended that you bring enough supplies as the last stop for groceries and petrol is Orbost to the South, and Delegate (NSW), 90 minutes from this location to the north. A satellite phone or emergency distress device is recommended. If you decide to follow these instructions you do it at your own risk.