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Why we should all be fighting for our remaining forests

Defend Errinundra is a film that gives voice to bushfire survivors who thought they had lost everything in the summer of 2019/20, but then realised there are still many precious forests worth protecting.

There is a war against nature in Australia. The pace of it has been increasing dramatically in the last 50 years. It's destroying wonderful and unique ecosystems that we rely on for clean water, air, and to try to avoid a catastrophic temperature rise due to climate change. It is already affecting the people through the increased frequency and intensity of extreme events like the summer bushfires, and we're taking thousands of other species down the drain (or up in smoke) with us.

First Nations Peoples know this by heart; you don't play with nature. You respect it. Those who act like they don't care is often because we've forced them to keep their heads down or face a life in poverty.

Luckily for us, there are many warriors amongst First Nations willing to defy such sombre fate. They have been cracking the walls of our short-sighted society for generations. Increasingly, there are many among us learning how to be better allies by respecting nature, not destroying it, and are joining the fight in droves.

The only hope we have is not just to be aware of the damage we're doing, but to actually do something meaningful to reverse it. The film above features the hundreds that are already taking meaningful action.

You can also be part of this fight. Why not start by leaving your email address to stay updated?

You can also contact decision makers here and call for an to logging of native forests

This forest was saved from logging due to our campaigning in Errinundra

Old-growth forest saved from logging after a successful campaign in the summer of 2020-2021.

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