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Forest protector arrested as police break up East Gippsland blockade

Police have broken up a peaceful blockade of an old growth forest logging operation at Granite Mountain near Buldah in far East Gippsland. A man who climbed a tripod structure blocking access to the old growth logging coupe was arrested at 6pm yesterday evening. The man was charged and bailed and will appear in Orbost magistrates court in April. Logging in the untouched forest will resume today after the protest halted operations for ten days.


Quotes from GECO spokesperson Ed Hill
“Logging old growth forests, in the 21st century in a state as rich, resourceful and innovative as Victoria is madness.”

“Old growth forests continue to be targeted by VicForests across East Gippsland and people will continue peaceful protest to defend them.”

“The Andrew’s Labor government are logging native forests as if it’s still the 1920s, sending their bulldozers into untouched areas that have never been logged”

“The government needs to transition away from native forests and into plantations, as recommended by a recent parliamentary inquiry”

“The forest here on Granite Mountain remains in an untouched state, giant trees have survived here for centuries, and it’s a rare example of what Victoria’s forests were like hundreds of years ago. We’ve lost so much of our old growth forests in Victoria, to continue to log these precious areas well into the 21st century is disgraceful”

“Trees in this forest are older than the state of Victoria, they are the heritage of all Victorians, but in 2018 the Andrews’ Labor government continue log them for low value paper and wood products”
“The overwhelming majority of Victorian’s want to see East Gippsland’s old growth forests protected from logging, yet the Andrew’s Labor government are using state force and public money to remove peaceful protestors and help facilitate the destruction of this untouched ancient forest”

High resolution stills and vision available on request, web sized stills attached

Media contact: Ed Hill -  0414 199 645   [email protected]        

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