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How Vic Labor is cooking our climate - Illustrations by Jess Harwood

COP26 has started, and in the weeks leading up we've already seen the absolute shit show playing out in Federal politics over their plan to keep cooking the climate till 2050. But it's not just Scomo and the Federal government that are fuelling the climate crisis.

No matter what party, politician, or government, if you approve or endorse mining, logging, gas extraction - you are part of the problem. We need to show Vic Labor we don't support any of their climate wrecking policies.

Our forests are some of the most carbon dense in the world. Yet every year, thousands of hectares of forests are being bulldozed to make paper and cardboard products which will end up in landfill by the end of the year.

Protecting forests is the easiest way to take action on climate - even after the bushfires the government has added opened up hundreds of new areas for logging.

The Vic gov is also funding new Biomass projects - it's already happening in NSW, forests are being burnt for electricity to replace coal!

The government must rule out any Biomass plants - burning forests instead of coal is not renewable.

They're also approving a new toxic mineral sands mine just outside of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland's food bowl, and right next to the Mitchell River national park which draws thousands of tourists every year.

There is strong community opposition to stop the mine - but the government are pushing ahead with their plans.

And just when you think it couldn't get any worse, the government has approved new gas drilling under the Twelve Apostles National Park.

The government claim to be taking action on climate change - but they're funding new gas projects.

We are literally fighting for our survival. It's time to disrupt and stop the systems, corporations and government's responsible. We need to stand with First Nations People's calling for justice and land rights. We need to start listening about how to care for Country.

When we fight there is hope. Reach out to local action groups. Get active. Come to the forests and help us protect them.

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