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The new GECO research and submission group will work within GECO to help us develop strategy, write kick ass government submissions, and bring more stories to the spotlight with journalists this year. 

Want to be a part of this initiative? 

Go here to sign up!

As part of your expression of interest we will be offering free training in how to use campaign tools, develop strategy, conduct investigative journalism, navigate policy, and how to work with journalists.

Who will deliver the training?


Lyndal will teach you the art of investigative journalism, from digging through archives to the importance of storytelling, and how these methods can help speak truth to power.


Nick will teach you how to locate and decipher source material to craft impactful government submissions. 


Tuffy will walk you through how to use campaign tools alongside research to develop effective strategy. 


Zach will teach you how best to pitch to journalists and find the information you need to create impactful stories with them. 


The GECO Research and Submission group is the perfect fit for folks who love to be in the detail to inform the bigger picture on forests. Maybe you want to be a forest policy wonk some day. Or maybe you love writing and want to help us break stories with journalists. You might love understanding the science, and like us want an evidentiary basis more integrated into the organising. Or maybe you just love our work and want to be able to contribute in a discreet but incredibly impactful way.

Well, join our Research and Submission group!


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