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VicForests to log Endangered frog forest on Mt.Jersey

VicForests has placed boundary tapes marking out an area of endangered species habitat on Mt. Jersey, near Goongerah.

This area is a stronghold for the endangered Large Brown Tree-frog (Litoria littlejohni). The frog was thought to be possibly extinct from Victoria until last year GECO volunteer Rena Gaborov heard it calling in forest near Goongerah. It had not been seen or heard in Victoria for over 15 years.

The frog has only been recorded in six locations since its rediscovery last year. All of these new locations have been found, documented and reported by GECO volunteers. The state government have not conducted enough surveys to properly asses the very rare and cryptic frogs status.

The forest that VicForests plan to commence logging this week is just 550m from the site where GECO volunteers recorded the frog just two months ago.


VicForests has not conducted any ecological survey of the forest, as required by law, to find and implement protections for protected species such as the endangered Large Brown Tree-frog. 


Photo: Litoria littlejohni photographed just 550m from where logging is planned

Logging in this coupe would be unlawful as VicForests has failed to apply the precautionary principle and conduct a pre logging survey for endangered species.


The State government has not conducted appropriate surveys for the frog in the area. Instead they have allowed VicForests to plan extensive logging operations throughout the area where the frog has been found by our volunteers. 


The forest is also good quality habitat for other protected species such as the Yellow Belied Glider, Greater Glider, Powerful Owl, Sooty Owl and Orbost Spiny Crayfish. These protected species have not been searched for by the state government before allowing logging to commence.


Cool Temperate Rainforest in the south west of the coupe has not been given the legally required buffer and is also threatened by VicForests illegally planned logging operation.



Giant Sassafrass, Black Olive Berry trees and Gippsland Warratah shelter in the gully below the coupe. The legally required buffer of 100m to protect the rainforest has not been put in place by VicForests.













GECO has submitted a report to the state government today detailing the illegal nature of this logging operation planned by government logging agency VicForests.

Please help the Large Brown Tree Frog (Litoria littlejohni) and the rainforest that is threatened by logging by emailing environment minister Lily D'Ambrosio.

Call on her to stop VicForests illegally logging coupe 891-512-004 known as "Boarfish"

Email: lily.d'[email protected] and call (03) 9637 9504