Email the Premier to protect forests, and rule out salvage logging

In November 2019 the Daniel Andrews government announced a commitment for all logging in native forests across the state to stop by 2030. Now this summer’s fires have added an urgent need to protect what remains. The ecological devastation of the bushfires has been clearly laid out in a leaked report, species are likely to already be extinct as a result of the fires. Meanwhile the logging industry is calling for funding to salvage log burnt forests.

Take action and send an email to the Premier

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  • Marie Ormonde
    commented 2020-03-22 23:31:35 +1100
    While the Premier and Government are absorbed with protecting us from a terrifying pandemic, resumption of logging in ancient Victorian forests must not be allowed to slip under the radar.
  • Scott Cumberland
    commented 2020-02-07 15:38:44 +1100
    The last thing this forest needs is machinery destroying the soil profile, killing seedlings and transmitting disease
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