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GECO finalists in UN World Environment Day Awards!

Earlier this month GECOs Citizen Science Program was nominated as a finalist in the 2015 United Nations of Australia World Environment Day Awards. We were urged to apply by the UN for the biodiversity and habitat restoration award, which recognises community groups who have made outstanding contributions to the protection of Victoria's biodiversity. Ironically the Victorian government are threatening to prosecute us for exposing an illegal rainforest logging operation, becuase we entered a 'prohibited area' to do so. So the government want to prosecute us for doing the work the UN want to give us an award for! It's a weird and  whacky world isn't it?!! 


We attended the awards ceremony on World Environment Day, June 5th. It was quite an experience for a couple of forest dwelling blokes from a tiny remote valley in far East Gippsland. We were surrounded by so much glitz, glamour, gourmet food, celebrities and endless amounts of fine wine!

We were stoked to be joining the legends from Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania at the party. They were finalists in the same category as us and we had a great time discussing what our organisations had been up to in regards to fauna conservation. They are amazingly dedicated young people who are leading the charge in practical wildlife conservation through their native animal hospital and wild life rescue hot-line. We love your work Bonorong!

While we didn't win the award it was an honor to make the finals along with Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Phillip Island Nature Parks and the winners Tiwi Island Land Ranger Program, Tropical Fire Ant Eradication Program.

Pics of Ed and Dave from GECO, looking pretty stoked at the awards ceremony.



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