Message of the Lyrebird - exclusive screening in Lakes Entrance

We are excited to announce the new date for our exclusive film screening fundraiser of 'The Message of the Lyrebird'. The film is an award-winning feature length documentary filmed in Victoria about people and their relationship with this iconic forest mimic, that has been performing song and dance routines for millions of years.

All ticket sales raise money for our ongoing campaign to protect East Gippsland's precious forests. The screening will be held on Gunnai Kurnai Country at Lakes Entrance Sammy's Squash + Cinema, March 20 from 12:30pm-4. Grab your tickets here.

In 1998, cinematographer Nick Hayward filmed the famous The Life of Birds sequence, in which Australia’s most creative songbird imitates the sound of a chainsaw chopping down a tree. The bird was filmed in captivity, but ever since then, the world of birding enthusiasts have wondered, do lyrebirds imitate man-sounds in the wild?

The history of the forest is recorded in lyrebird song but are they singing the sad story of human encroachment? Do lyrebirds imitate sounds of human origin in the wild? This question begins a journey deep into the forests of Australia, where a lyrebird keeper, a scientist, a sound recordist, a study group, an activist and a Knowledge-Holder help us understand not only the lyrebird’s sophisticated artwork, but what its message may be for humanity.

Check out the trailer and get your tickets here

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