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VicForests pulls out of contentious logging coupe in Errinundra

VicForests have removed the coupe in Errinundra where community protests have halted logging for nearly 2 months from the immediate schedule. Multiple tree-sits had been set up in the area, two people have been arrested since the protests started at the end of January this year. The Errinundra Plateau is one of the few remaining unburnt areas in East Gippsland, and a critical refuge for bushfire ravaged wildlife.

While the area is safe for now, logging machines are already moving into an area just down the road where GECO citizen scientists found five Greater Gliders. Protests against the logging are ramping up in the area. Camp Errinundra is still halting logging in this critical area of unburnt forest. Camp is always in need of more support, click here for details of how to get involved.


Community protests halted logging for nearly 2 months

GECO citizen scientists found a high density of Greater Gliders in the coupe where protests have halted logging known as 'Teeter Totter'. Environment group Environment East Gippsland and Environmental Justice Australia were also pressuring VicForests and the Department of Environment to protect the area home to a significant population of Greater Gliders. We worked on a report with Victorian National Park Association and other groups which found more of the glider's habitat is up for logging than protected in East Gippsland.

Community pressure has successfully stalled logging, but machines have already moved into another coupe just down the road.


GECO Citizen scientists spotlight for Greater Gliders


Despite the terrible impacts of the fires, and how important Errinundra and other key unburnt refuges are for surviving wildlife, the government are steam rolling ahead with logging plans. The incredible efforts of the East Gippsland community have held the loggers at bay, along with citizen science and legal pressure. We'll continue to take action for East Gippsland's forests and wildlife. Thank you to everyone who has so far come out to camp and supported the tree-sitters, wrote letters and emails, and called the government.

The pressure is working. Now we just need to keep it up!


Illustrations by Jess Harwood

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