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Have your say, scrap the draft old growth forests tool

December 12, 2019

The government announced the protection of 90,000ha of old growth forests, but VicForests' have been left in charge of finding and protecting them using an inadequate field verification tool which declassifies old growth forest. The Environment Departments' Office of Conservation Regulator (OCR) are currently...

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Old growth forests still being logged, take action now

November 21, 2019

The Premier and Environment Minister promised to protect old growth forests, but old growth forests are still being logged right now. We need to know how they're going to stick to their commitment and ban old growth logging for good. Send the premier and...

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Breaking down the gov’s announcement; What does this actually mean for Victoria’s forests?

November 09, 2019

  It’s been an emotional few days following the Victorian government announcement that logging native forests will end in 2030. The government has also committed to state-wide protections for 90,000ha of old growth forests, and 96,000ha of new protected areas, 48,500 of which are...

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Vic govt takes positive and welcome first step to protect native forests

November 07, 2019

Goongerah Environment Centre and Friends of the Earth have today welcomed the Victorian government announcement of protection of 96,000 hectares of forests in eastern Victoria and complete and immediate protection of 90,000 hectares of old growth forest, but say more details and maps are...

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Minister abandons dodgy code review

October 25, 2019

Last month the environment minister Lily D’Ambrosio abandoned alarming proposed changes to the ‘Code of Practice for Timber Production’ after huge concerns were raised by environment groups. Over a thousand people emailed the minister to scrap the proposed changes, which would have taken an...

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Rare Satinwood under threat from logging at Mt. Buck rainforest

October 03, 2019

Geco citizen scientists have discovered the rare Satanwood (Nematolepis squamea subsp. Squamea) plant within a rainforest site of significance about to be logged by Vicforests in East Gippsland As we write, Less than 2000 individual Satinwood plants are known to exist in Victoria. With...

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Environment Department Takes Axe to Environment Protections

September 23, 2019

Nature conservation groups are alarmed at proposed changes to critical rules to protect forest wildlife and cultural heritage from logging. The Code of Practice for Timber Production (the Code) is the key regulatory tool used to manage native forest logging in Victoria. Proposed changes...

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Environment department plan to cut forest protections

September 23, 2019

UPDATE: The Minster has announced the Code review consultation has been withdrawn and acknowledged there are legitimate concerns around the draft changes. We raised our voices and she listened. It's really important that future changes to logging regulations strengthen environmental protections, not weaken them as...

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Gov’t survey shows public support forest protection, not logging

August 01, 2019

Results of a public survey conducted by the Victorian government show overwhelming support for protecting native forests from logging and provide the Andrews Labor government with a strong platform to protect forests and transition jobs out of the native forest logging sector, say environment...

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Cottonwood range Greater Glider habitat getting the chop

July 30, 2019

An important hot spot for the threatened Greater Glider is being logged. Logging by VicForests in the 'Shazam' coupe in the Cottonwood range on the Errinundra plateau near the town of Bendoc in East Gippsland begun over two weeks ago. The forest supports many...

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Report shows damning destruction of Greater Glider habitat

July 02, 2019

Our latest report has been published documenting logging of more than 600 hectares of Greater Glider habitat since the species was listed as vulnerable under Victorian legislation in June 2017.  Gliding towards extinction - an investigation into Greater Glider habitat logged since the species...

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Andrews government logging plan to accelerate extinction and old growth forest destruction

April 25, 2019

The Andrews Labor government’s release of a new logging plan will hasten the decline of Australia’s largest gliding marsupial the Greater Glider, says Goongerah Environment Centre Office (GECO).    In June 2017 the Greater Glider was listed as vulnerable to extinction under the Victorian...

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Rainforest illegally logged at Tonghi creek

March 27, 2019

Protected rainforest and rainforest buffers have been illegally logged by VicForests near Tonghi Creek in far East Gippsland. Logging by VicForests in coupe 868-506-0009 "Granton Road" has impacted on rainforest in numerous locations a several hectares of forest that should have been protected in...

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